Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Ideas

So... Caring Connection was represented, albeit with a small group of four at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in Sacramento. One of the freebies that were given away were seeds! Sunflower seeds and wildflower seeds. Obviously, I got one of the answers to "what we need"? We will see if it's not too late to plant sunflower seeds and create a sunflower maze/house on our out yard. We did three years ago and it was amazing.

I saw another online blogger who used bales of straw for her ground cover. I think we may use bales or mini bales to create a toddler sized maze and play area. This will eventually turn into mulch and either just become a soft ground surface or be hauled away.


  1. Juls, Not too late to plant flowers. Let me know if you need any ideas for plants. I am pretty good at design!!!! - Staci Teegarden

  2. Staci~ So happy to hear from you. I'd love your ideas and suggestions. If you have some free time give me a jingle and maybe we can meet up at the preschool. Thanks.


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