Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Updates, Upwards and Up-Lifted!


Keep your eyes open for some wonderful updates at Caring Connection Children’s Center. In order to make sure that we are offering the best, safest environment in our older building, we will be conducting a bit of a tune-up to bring us closer to current codes.

We will be upgrading some electrical and making repairs in the garage that may go undetected by parents. If you look hard you can see we’ve already taken out all deadbolt locks and installed additional fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. In a few days we will have all new lever handles on the doors to upgrade for evacuation purposes and new French doors that have lasted 16 years!

In a few weeks we will be changing the configuration of doors and walls in the Infant/Toddler rooms. This will make the two “active” rooms into one larger room, for evacuation purposes. This will make the Infant/Toddler room feel larger and less boxy; an added benefit will be easier access to the toilets for toddlers who are early toilet trainers.

On the playground we will be updating and upgrading our gates and perhaps, fencing. We will add an additional gate to the south side of the yard and repair the east gate.

On our In-Service day, August 19th, while we are closed, an electrician will use this opportunity to replace all of the old electrical boxes with new ones. Great timing!

Because of these new changes, the cost and time required to make this happen we will postpone our Natural Playscape work party for one month.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caterpillar Love!

“What do you have?”

“Where did you find it?”

“Can I touch it?”

“Is it a worm?”

“Is it a snake?”

“Is it slimy?”

“Can I hold it?”

“My turn! My turn!”

"It’s a cat- A- pillah!

"It’s going to be a butt-ah-fly!"

Learning in the outdoors.

Learning from each other.

Questioning, wondering, asking, supposing….

“Let’s put him back so he can make a cocoon.”

...Caring Connection style.
Welcome to OUR world.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Next Phase: The Beach and Picnic Area...Calling Volunteers!

“Let’s Get this Project Started!”

Caring Connection Children’s Center announces the next phase of our Natural Playscape.

We invite you to grab your shovels, work gloves, sunscreen and join us on:

SATURDAY, August 6th 9:00-12:00

Below are our plans:
1. Move existing bark to one side of the current bark pit.
2. Secure driftwood (or sandblasted logs) to shore up the sand area and separate from grassy area. (Do you know someone with beach property?? Can you get us some large driftwood?)
3. Set in place large boulders for climbing and exploration.
4. Build a new peeler core side for our sandy beach to live.
5. Shovel soil on top of the bark which will now serve as drainage mulch.
6. Shovel sand into newly created sand area.
7. Lay sod over new soil.
8. Sink potted palm and beach trees into sand and adjacent grass area.
9. Hang fishing nets and shells on to fence behind new sand area, “the beach”.
10. Water new lawn and plants.

Caring Connection and Enlightened Discipline Fans