Saturday, October 15, 2011

Open Fields, Farm Animals, Fresh Air ...and oh, so much fun!

Sunny skies and smiles...

Parents and grandparents....

Questions and answers,

Wonder and awe...

laughter and fun..

Bumpy, breezy, heavy, smelly....

Sights and sounds...

Textures and senses,

Sounds and scents...

So much fun....

You gotta come....

Caring Connection Children's Center.

...the home of Enlightened Discipline.

Thanks to Dave's Pumpkin Patch in West Sacramento, CA

Monday, October 3, 2011

End of Summer!



“We are stayin’ right here, then.”

“Line up. The summer train is coming to a stop.”

“Uh oh. I’d better find nuts for winter, then.”

“Just one more sand castle.”

“Summer is over? That blows!”

Caring Connection and Enlightened Discipline Fans