Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sound Garden on a Fence and Voila! It's Music Discovery


What a wonderful use of pots and pans, 
unstrung wind chimes and a fence 
with a long lifeline.

Just hanging on the fence waiting for some attention.

For inspiration, all these boys needed was a couple of sticks 
and to hear the potential sounds that could be made. 
And it was a concert!

This is a terrific way to channel that energy that looks like 
swinging and hitting 
with what otherwise might be weapons. 
When these motions are channeled the kids are swinging and batting 
at musical instruments that make sound. 

Then, recognizing they can change and control the 
sounds by how they 'hit' the item 
their energy is focused 
even further.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Play on Earth Day

Nature provides enough opportunities for learning, measuring, experimentation and discovery.

Opportunities for social interaction, cooperation and compromise.

Taking risks within limits and finding success.

Encouraging one another.

Leading and following.

Engineering at the preschool level.

Discovering and respecting life in its natural spaces. 
After all, it's EARTH day! 
Well, yesterday was.

And looking for more life form, worms, bugs and squishy things.

Hands-on learning (without a teacher telling us a thing) about weight, 
measurements, lengths and leverage awareness.

...and more discovery.

And more success!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Nature Inspired Conversations

Social development and learning to communicate are true skills that pre-kindergarten children will develop in a social environment. 

Independent and directed learning is one way to discover, but sharing, taking turns and finding ones own voice...that happens in an organic conversation is priceless. 

Younger children benefit from parallel or associative play, where learning and operating is done more 'side by side'.

Independent play, while necessary at a younger age is still an amazingly useful skill for children who are entering kindergarten. This child's ability to focus in a social environment will help her succeed in school.

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